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Certification Training ID Badges

CertificationIf you’re looking for a great way to provide verification that your students have successfully completed their training, Fullidentity has developed a covenient method just for you!

How We Can Help

Once your student has completed their training, they receive an ID card which details their traning and provides individual verification of their certification. It’s a high quality product, an easy process and it benefits both you and your students!

Plus, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you! Don’t waste anymore time hasseling with in-house ID card manufacturing. Simply provide us with the information that you’d like to have on your cards and we can take care of the rest!

The Benefits

  • Provides a professional and durable second form of identification.
  • Verifies that students have completed their certification.
  • Includes daily checklists and protocols.
  • Can serve as a creative marketing tool.
  • Can be used to express and reinforce organizational culture and core values.
  • Provides an ideal platform for the following information:
    • Organizational information
    • Member and employee titles
    • Certification information / areas of specialty
    • Emergency contact or medical information

If you would like more information about certification ID cards for your organization, give us a call! We would be delighted to get you up and running today! Call (866) 610-4308

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