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4 Key Reasons Why You Should Stop Skipping Vacations

4 Key Reasons Why You Should Stop Skipping VacationsWell, it’s time that time of year again. The holiday season is in mid swing and many people are planning extravagant vacations in winter wonderlands. Unfortunately, trends are showing that people are taking less and less time off overall. In the name of business success, people are feeling the pressure to stay dedicated to the grind and failing to prioritize time away from the stress of life. Though it sounds very productive, it’s really an unhealthy decision to forgo that time of rest and decompression. If you’re losing your grip on the priority of vacation time, here’s are a few reasons why you should prioritize and plan your next vacation now.

Perspective – Though “staycations” are fairly popular, people typically take their time off away from home. The beauty of this is that it gives you a glimpse of something totally outside of the reality that you live in. It’s rejuvenating because it completely jolts you out of the stressors that you experience in your day to day life, revealing that there is much more going on in the world than your isolated life. It’s eye opening and healing to your soul.

Disconnect – One of the primary issues we face in a busy society is the sense that you need to stay connected to emails, social media, text messages and progress reports. When you stay tuned in for too long, you never really give yourself the opportunity to rest and shut your brain down. Vacation gives you the opportunity to unplug, disconnect and truly experience the beauty of where you are. Go somewhere beautiful, unplug and absorb the moment you’re in.

(re)Connect – When your job and other obligations are pulling you in different directions, it can be difficult to have the relational time that you really desire with your family and friends. Take vacation time to devote to the relationships that matter the most to you. After all, life if built on relationships. It’s important to take time to invest with the ones that you love without distractions.

Experience – We can be quite limited on experiences in day to day life. We experience what we immediately have access to and that’s about it. Go off and experience something new with your family. Those experiences are bonding and can ultimately change you. Have an adventure with your loved ones and let yourself be moved by the bonding moments you encounter.