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Proximity ID Badges: What You Always Wanted in a Badge

proximity id badges

With a wide variety of functions among badges today, proximity ID badges stand out above the rest. No more worrying about wear and tear from the constant need to run your badge through a magnetic card reader. Get your proximity ID badges today and enjoy the ease of information transfer at a single contact-less swipe!

Unique Proximity ID Badges

ID badges help to reduce identification errors, and monitors employee interactions and movements throughout your business. Securing sensitive information, an ID badge can be customized to fit each individuals’ needs, and enhance the company experience as a whole.

To further upgrade your ID badge system, proximity badges allow your employees to securely enter your building, while also remaining hassle-free. A proximity badge is a hands-free option that can remain in their lanyard, or badge holder sleeve. This will greatly reduce regular wear and tear, as the badge can remain protected, rather than removed from its holder for normal swiping. This in turn will elongate your investment, as proximity cards won’t need to be replaced as frequently as regular ID badges that need to be manually swiped.

Used for a wide variety of things, proximity badges can assist with departments, such as HR to keep track of employee time sheets and hours if scanned for clocking in and out. This makes the job just a little bit easier as a proximity badge can be the employees’ way in and out of the building, and helps supervisors maintain communication and whereabouts of staff members.

Not only does Full Identity create custom badges for your business, large or small, but our selection of lanyards and badge reels also make it easy to quickly scan your card without removing it entirely from the sleeve. Attach a badge reel to your belt, or clip it onto your purse and simply pull the string up to the scanner! Employees will love the options of attaching an accessory to their badge for organization and comfort.

For more assistance with your custom badge designs, give us a call today at Full Identity to create a proximity badge that will fulfill your company needs.

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