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ID Badges for K-12 Education

Today’s society demands a safe, secure environment for all students and faculty of K-12 schools. As a major provider of identification, security and Visitor Management solutions, Fullidentity has been assisting schools with implementing above standard security measures for decades. Fullidentity’s wide range of security solutions for schools vary from student identification cards for a large high school to comprehensive Visitor Management software for a local middle school.  At Fullidentity we belief a successful school is a safe school and properly identifying visitors on school grounds and restricting those who are uninvited is a must.

From technology to ordering cards, Fullidentity makes it easy for your school. We understand the ease of functionality that is needed to keep a busy school running smoothly. Whether ordering cards for thousands of students or ordering a card for a latecomer, we’ve created our system to work with any size order. Even an order of just one student ID card doesn’t change the price of the card and it will still be shipped to you within 48 hours.

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Fullidentity offers a variety of ID badges and cards that can be used as student ID card with amazing features such as barcodes and magnetic stripes allowing payments in school cafeterias. Smart or proximity cards will allow teachers and staff access to teacher lounges, supply rooms or staff offices. Our Premium Design Service will help you create a professionally designed custom card.

Benefits of Proximity ID Badges for SchoolsDid you know? As much as 80% of the installed base of access control systems (installed in the past 30 years) are not secure.

Ask us about our ENCRYPTED DESFire EV2 and mobile Bluetooth credentials: we have easy upgrades for unsecured proximity systems.

DESFire® EV2 ISO Composite Card
3MillID Mullion Multi-Technology Reader
3MillID S-Gang Multi-Technology Reader
3MillID Keypad Multi-Technology Reader

With the unfortunate increase of violence on campuses, it has become imperative to gain access to through background checks not only for students but for staff and visitors as well.

  • National Offender Report
  • Single State Criminal Report
  • National Criminal Report

Pre-Employment PRICE
Background Check w/ Alias $25
Background Check w/out Alias  $20
MVR Report TBD

Visitor management is an imperative part of keeping your school’s security effective. It ensures that intruders and unauthorized individuals can easily be identified if they’re lacking a visitor badge. There are several kinds of visitor badges that exist.

1-day expiring badge front (handwritten) with printed “TEMPORARY”

This badge front features a printed “TEMPORARY” title and expires after a day’s use (approximately 12-14 hours). The badge can be personalized by hand with a pen, pencil or marker. Please note that this badge front requires a compatible badge back for use; it is not a standalone solution. Badge measures 1 15/16″ x 2 7/8″.

Please note: This product comes in packs of 1,000 badges.

Slotted expiring badge back with printed process blue “TEMPORARY” bar

This badge back requires a half-day or one-day badge front for use. Combine the front and back to activate the expiration, and the badge will show as expired after either a half day or full day (12-14 hours). This badge back is slotted, meaning it requires a card clip or attachment of some kind for use. The badge back features a blue bar with printed “TEMPORARY” text for convenient role recognition. Each badge back measures 3″ x 3″.

Please note: This product comes in packs of 1,000 badges.

Temporary Expiring Badges PRICE
 1-Day Expiring Badge Front $225.00
Slotted Expiring Badge Back $60.00
 Total  $285.00

Fullidentity’s line of card accessories effectively attaches a badge or card to its carrier’s person while offering customization capabilities for lanyards or badge reels. Show your school’s logo and your school pride by displaying the school colors and logo.


Custom & stock lanyards are ideal for schools. They help students and staff display their ID’s and credentials at all times. Customize your own lanyards or choose from quality stock lanyards in popular school colors.


Badge holders from Fullidentity are the perfect way to identify faculty and visitors at your school. They help protect your cards so that they can last year round!


Stock up on customized back to school badge reels to keep your message and your staff’s IDs in view. Choose from a wide variety of options to match school colors.

Fullidentity.com could be exactly what your school needs to reduce the hassles of multi-location ordering. Our staff is ready to help you successfully set up customized, need-based software solutions for your schools as we’ve done for many other prominent schools.

Security and access control are reaching new levels of sophistication as corporations implement advanced card systems that extend access to their personnel. Fullidentity’s ID cards can be equipped with one or more barcodes or magnetic strips to allow personnel access to different facilities and services. Fullidentity can provide smart cards and prox cards to enhance the security of your organization and increase capabilities. Please contact Fullidentity to find out more about the options we offer.