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Sports & Recreations ID Solutions

The use of a photo ID card and/or membership card by a coach, team member or referee provides tamper-resistant identification for its carrier as well as access to areas within sports arenas and stadiums. With the added level of security, a card carrier gets a sense exclusivity and camaraderie – a feeling of belonging.

Fullidentity.com is here to provide you with affordable ways to create ID cards and membership cards that are unique to your facility, team, and organization. With Fullidentity.com you are able to incorporate your team logo, colors, and other branding features directly onto your ID and membership cards. You can even use the back of the cards to display the team’s schedule or sponsor’s advertisement.

With Fullidentity.com you can go a step further and create season passes to offer fans – giving them the option of purchasing season passes thus avoiding the hassle of buying individual tickets at each game. You may combine these season passes with exclusive discounts, promotional offers, and VIP privileges.

How do sports teams use ID cards?

Highly visible identification for authorized personnel is a must at any sporting event. ID badges worn on reels or lanyards by players, coaches, and team assistants is an excellent safety measure that guarantees only authorized personnel is able to access certain areas of a sporting venue.   

The majority of athletic clubs issue professionally designed ID cards to their members. Member issued ID cards not only show proof that the individual belongs to the club, increasing overall safety, but also bring forth a sense of belonging and commitment to the holder.

For coaches and team members alike, ID tags are another way to promote team spirit while providing a personalized way to identity belongings. Inexpensive and durable, ID tags can be attached to bags and other belongings – especially when the team travels to their “away” events. Printable on both sides, these ID cards can include name, photo, address, team logo and important information like emergency contact information, allergies and medical issues.

These particular badges allow the holder(s) to attend events year-round without going through the hassle of purchasing a ticket for every event.  An annual badge containing as little information as the holder’s name and contact information to a professionally captured photo can easily fit into their wallet while attending events. 

An additional option many sports teams are utilizing is providing their season schedule and game locations on the back of their ID or membership cards. This popular option can be used as a marketing strategy that ensures an event is never missed.

To help attract team fans to more events, membership ID cards – made of durable PVC plastic – can be used for promotions and discounts. This can be an additional way to gain and retain a wider fan-base.