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Direct Mailing for Membership Cards

Fullidentity can produce and mail your membership kits to your clients as they join or renew. Our cards are thicker, outperforming the flimsier cards that are widely circulating and won’t tear when your clients remove them from the letter.  Fullidentity sends out carefully designed mailers made of 30 mil plastic and all printing is protected by a film-laminate. Our mailers look different and feel different; giving a good impression to your potential and returning clients. Our high-quality mailers increase the chances of not having the letters and cards discarded or tucked away and forgotten. You can also choose to include a key tag, bag tag, bookmark or any combination of options we offer.

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Membership Kits are done the right way!

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Our turnkey services include design, printing, fulfillment of additional collateral (as requested) and mailing. We are ready to work with your needs and preferences. Our team will work with you and provide suggestions and pricing alternatives. If, for example, you would rather do the mailing or fulfillment yourself, we can personalize, produce then ship the mailer to you. Show us a sample of your membership kit and let us know if you’d like any changes, updates or upgrades done.

Choose to buy in bulk and save. Use our fulfillment services to reduce labor costs and on-site storage. Some may say that image isn’t everything, but one can at least admit that quality does go a long way. If you get one chance to make an impression, let Fullidentity deliver the quality you want your clients to feel from you.


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High Volume Card Printing Services

Fullidentity’s production team can personalize, print, package and bulk-ship cards designed for membership, loyalty, healthcare, benefit, gift, payroll, and vault applications. If you have a need to create a card that is unique in function to your organization, just let us know.

Fulfillment & Attachments

Once the personalization and printing process for your ID cards are complete, you can choose from our add-on services to have our team attach the cards to a custom mailer. This can include match, fold, attach, stuff, postage and delivery to the Post Office – or to direct mail facilities – to ensure your cards are delivered on time.

Secure & Creative

In addition to assisting you with marketing design, Fullidentity offers the ability to serialize unique control numbers while maintaining security packaging and industry-leading verification. Furthermore, regardless of project volume and frequency, Fullidentity can oversee yearly renewals, monthly distributions and more.

Letter & Carrier Customization

Fullidentity is equipped with a versatile suite of letter and carrier production options which enables you to match your desired format and style. Our sales and print-management teams work together to help you achieve your desired outcome. Because of this and the flexibility of our process and equipment, we are able to produce the majority of products you are in need of.


To insure timely delivery of post-production mailing of your product from our facilities, Fullidentity offers high-speed insertion with each piece being tracked electronically through the insertion process. The standard offering includes inserting a carrier, corresponding card(s) and up to five other items.

Bulk Preparation and Mailing

Fullidentity has a dedicated mail-fulfillment team that focuses on making sure your product is delivered on time while finding ways to reduce postal costs.

Card Matching and Attaching

Using the precision of state-of-the-art laser printing accompanied by strict company standards, Fullidentity is premier in matching and attaching for card personalization.  We can ensure that the correct card is attached to the correct package every time using a technology-guided match and attach process.