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Which ID Badge accessories do you need?


To help meet your needs, we have a wide variety of ID Badge accessories to chose from! If you don’t see a product that you need, let us know and we will try to add the item to our list for you!


lanyardsOur 3/8″ lanyards come in a variety of colors and are equipped with a standard badge clip. All cards ordered with these lanyards will require a hole punch if they are not ordered with a badge sleeve. Though you may not currently use lanyards, they are a great way to add an additional touch of professionalism for any upcoming events.


Invisible Magnet Clips

ID Badge Accessories • Magnetic Badge ClipsOur magnet clips are a unique form of badge clip. One side adheres to the back of your card and the other is placed behind your shirt or jacket collar. At first glance, the badge appears to be floating on your uniform. This type of clip requires no hole to be punched in your card. It’s a great alternative if your badge design doesn’t allow for the hole punch.


Clear Badge Sleeves

How to Create ID BadgesOur ID cards are pretty durable on there own, but if you’re looking for a little added protection, clear sleeves are the way to go. Using a clear sleeve is just as convenient as a lanyard or badge clip. It’s also a great way to prolong the life of your ID badge by protecting it from harsh environmental stress. We have portrait and landscape sleeves to accommodate any card design.


Badge Clips

ID Badge Accessories • BullDog Clips or Badge ClipsThese clips have a clear, plastic strap that loops through the hole in your ID badge. This is one of the most commonly used and affordable items that we currently offer.


Badge Reels

ID Badge Accessories • Badge ReelsAvailable in a variety of colors, badge reels offer a convenient way to display your ID. Attach them to your belt loop, jacket or shirt and present your ID with ease by giving a gentle pull. Once you’re done, let go! Your ID will retract back into place all on it’s own!