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Transportation & Delivery ID Solutions

In compliance with the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, all transportation workers are required to provide valid company-issued credentials, in addition to their driver’s license. Fullidentity.com will help you comply with federal law by providing comprehensive nationwide civil and criminal records searches, motor vehicle records searches, and a valid company-issued credential. Our security experts have extensive experience with providing employment security for the transportation industry and can assist in the reduction of risk in your hiring decisions and liability while providing highly durable ID cards.

Brands that trust us:

All of Our ID Card Templates Are Designed for Free—to your specifications, you may also elect to upload your own design.

ID Solutions

Transport workers who typically require these credentials include:

  • Truck Drivers
  • Taxi Drivers/Chauffeurs
  • Movers
  • Delivery Men
  • Bus Drivers
  • Parking Attendants

Fullidentity is about capability and simplicity. From printing ID cards with barcodes, QR codes or magnetic stripes to ordering a single ID or ordering ID cards in batches, it all comes together with efficiency, competitive pricing, prompt delivery and support from our team. The Fullidentity team is ready to help you create your personalized card templates at no additional charge. Ordering a thousand ID cards or just one does not increase the price or delay delivery and the process is made to be quick and easy. Plus, all our cards come with a money-back guarantee.

Companies are advancing in security and efficiency with new technologies that now require ID cards that do more than just provide a simple proof of identity.

Fullidentity cards can be printed with one or more barcodes, magnetic stripes, and QR codes to facilitate the logging of transactions and allowing immediate and secure access to a driver’s credentials. Fullidentity can provide smart cards and prox cards to enhance the security of your organization and increase capabilities. Call Fullidentity today for additional information on any of these options.

CR8030 Cards: What Does it Really Mean?

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We offer MVR2000s, an industry-leading format that makes complex data more accessible. With our reporting, we guarantee the following:

• Standardized forms that are easy to digest and intuitively designed
• Information tailored specifically to the industry, including custom scores and violation codes
• Essential information including, but not limited to, violations, sanctions, suspensions, expirations, revocations, current statuses, and issuing states.

We’ll provide everything you need to make critical decisions and back those decisions up with concrete data.

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How to order Background Checks: Click here for Instructions

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What to Expect from Our Services:

  • 430 million criminal records are searched instantly.
  • If you are given a false name or SSN, you will be alerted to any mismatch of information.
  • You can see any records that occurred prior to a legal name change or marriage.
  • You can see multiple names connected to a SSN to expose potential identity fraud.

All of the results are pulled from the most recent records on file and come directly from the following publicly available sources:

  • National Offender Report
  • Single State Criminal Report
  • National Criminal Report

Pre-Employment PRICE
Background Check w/ Alias $25
Background Check w/out Alias  $20
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Custom & stock lanyards are ideal for schools. They help students and staff display their ID’s and credentials at all times. Customize your own lanyards or choose from quality stock lanyards in popular school colors.


Badge holders from Fullidentity are the perfect way to identify faculty and visitors at your school. They help protect your cards so that they can last year round!


Stock up on customized back to school badge reels to keep your message and your staff’s IDs in view. Choose from a wide variety of options to match school colors.