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Magnetic Strip Badges: Adding Value and Security

magnetic stripe badges

If you’re looking to take your identification security to the next level with magnetic strip badges, give us a call today or visit our website. We can help you set up your account and design your magnetic strip badges in no time!

Secure Magnetic Strip Cards

Most commonly used in credit cards and gifts, magnetic strip cards are now implemented in businesses for use as an added security measure in employee identification. The data inscribed on the magnetic strip itself can include simple information, from employee names, hotel room numbers, or more advanced information, such as credit card data.

If you’re considering magnetic strip cards for your company, know that they can conveniently be paired with many of our badge accessories to help employees keep their cards on them at all times.

You can customize your company lanyards to match, by color, print, and even hook style. Your employees won’t even notice they’re wearing it all day, and when moving about the building they will easily be able to swipe their magnetic strip card when clocking in and clocking out or accessing certain rooms.

Magnetic strip cards are becoming an industry standard, and tend to run much cheaper than other badge card options. The strips have a higher data capacity than barcodes and provide a higher level of security. To reduce costs, the cards are completely rewritable, and can be updated when needed. Choosing to use magnetic strip cards for your company will help departments, such as HR, or supervisors whose responsibility is to keep in contact with employees throughout the day. HR can easily locate where employees scan in, and if they’re in charge of time sheets, swiping in and out with a simple ID badge makes the process more efficient.

For more information, and assistance on creating a custom magnetic strip card that suits your company needs, call us today. Our professionals at Full Identity will help you customize your card for better security and an ideal design.