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Productivity: Start Achieving the Success You Really Want

man-writing-at-deskWhen it comes to productivity, many people believe that they have to work harder and longer in order to get the results they really want. However, studies show that this simply isn’t the case. When we learn to focus our attention on the right things at the right time, we can actually accomplish far more in a shorter amount of time. So, why do we get stuck in productivity ruts? Let’s take a looks a few common reasons why.

We Have No Plan

When it comes to being really productive, you need to know what your goals are. How on earth will you ever determine what is high priority and what is not? Defining your goals and setting up a plan will help you to find clear direction on what is most important for you to accomplish right now without being sidetracked by things that don’t matter.

We’re Too Tired

Sometimes, the problem is that we’re simply too tired to think ahead and find the right solutions. When we are working too many hours and not allowing ourselves to get an appropriate amount of rest, our productivity and effectiveness will undoubtedly suffer. When we create a plan and take action on it, we can accomplish more in less time. This will allow you to carve more resting time into your schedule so that you can be physically and mentally fresh to work hard, stay focused and find great solutions.

We Forget That We’re in Control

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of our choices when we feel the pressure of high expectations. However, sometimes those expectations are unrealistic, unhealthy and unsustainable. However, as much as it may not seem like it, you do have the power to make the change. If you’re in an unhealthy work environment, talk to your employer about what you’re feeling. If you have a solution, propose it! If you’re realizing that this is not the place you want to be, then create an exit plan. But, whatever you do, don’t decide to stay in an unhealthy situation. You have a choice. Take action!