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Asking the Right Questions through Times of Adversity

Asking the Right QuestionsAs much as we try to keep things within our control, life is a power in and of itself. It offers circumstances that no one can fully be in charge of. When bad things happen, it’s easy for us to default to an angry position of self-pity. In those moments we often ask ourselves, “Why did this happen to me?” That’s an understandable question to ask, but is it the most helpful one?

Asking the Right Questions

We can only get answers to the questions that we’re asking. If we’re asking the wrong questions, we’ll get the wrong answers. If we’re asking the right questions, we’ll get the right answers. When things go wrong, here are a few key questions that we can ask to reposition ourselves toward a positive future.

What does this negative event make possible?

Answering this question puts your brain into solution mode, rather than a mode of self pity or critical analysis. Yes, it is good to know what went wrong, but that’s not where our focus should be. Reorienting to the new possibilities will provide a trajectory of forward momentum. Focusing on a forward goal is always more beneficial that dwelling on a problem.

How is this a new beginning?

Sometimes when we’re hit with major setbacks we feel as if we’re at the end. We’re cooked. We can’t move forward from here. If you’re taking the position of realizing a new beginning rather than an ending, we’re far more likely to see what we may have missed. We’re not at the end of the story, we’re just starting a new chapter.

How does this prepare me for what’s ahead?

All of the great successes typically follow great resistance. The most successful people have often experienced the greatest challenges in life. All of our experiences work toward making us more equipped for what is ahead. View your challenge as a form of training for what your future holds rather than a prevention.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes we just have to choose to look for it. In everything, take the positive road and you will see that nothing has the power to keep you from a bright future.