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Be a Quitter: Achieve More Success!

Be a Quitter: Achieve More SuccessPretty much everyone, as they were growing up, was told to never quit. Though there is much to be said about that, let’s take a look at a few things that you should quit in order to achieve more success in your life.

Quit Procrastinating

If you read one of my previous posts entitled, Overcoming Procrastination, you know that this is a big productivity killer. If your productivity is at a loss then you can bet that you won’t have much success in meeting your goals.

If you’re delaying on important things, you have to look a little deeper and ask yourself why you can’t seem to take initiative on the given task or project. Learn why your struggling and get some help in that area. Maybe the things that you’re needing to get done can be delegated to someone else who has a strength in that area. If you can’t delegate it out, seek help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, especially in terms of important things that need good results.

Quit Having a Victim Mentality

Playing the victim is one of the most destructive things you can do. When you victimize yourself, you lose your ability to initiate and take control of your environment. If something needs to be changed, then change it! No one is forcing you to stay at the job you hate, or stay in that unhealthy relationship. You have the power to make good decisions for yourself and you don’t need anyone’s pity. Take back control of your life and stop giving it away to others.

Quit Being a Yes Man (Learn to say No)

Everything that we do or don’t do is creating a balance in our lives. You have to learn to maintain a healthy balance or you will be missing out on what’s truly important. Every time you decide to say yes when you don’t want to, you become absent from the things that you would have wanted to say yes to. Obviously, there are times when we are obligated to say yes to things that we don’t like, for instance; singing that song you hate at you sister’s wedding, but the idea is to create balance in your life. Whenever possible, stop saying yes to the things that you don’t care about and run toward the things that add value and make your life better and more fulfilling.