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Why You Should Choose NOT to be Offended

Why You Should Choose NOT to be OffendedIf you’re a leader, you’re constantly under the microscope. Everyone is keeping their eyes on your every move. Some are watching you for the purpose of finding clarity and direction. Others are watching you for the purpose of catching your mistakes and pointing them out. There will be haters. If there is one thing you must learn, it’s the art of being un-offendable. Here are a few keys things to understand about leadership and staying offense free.

Offenses Will Come (On Both Sides)

There are opportunities to be offended every single day. Whether it’s coming at you or coming from you, it’s simply unavoidable. As you step into a leadership role, people will find reasons to disagree with you and your methods. This is something that you must accept and be willing to peacefully navigate through. It’s ok if someone disagrees or says something ugly to you or about you. Just know who you are a move forward.

Additionally, consider that people will find a reason to be offended with you, despite your best efforts to steer clear of it. You shouldn’t ignore it and be insensitive, but you also can’t allow it to block your forward momentum.

Offenses Can be Opportunities

Being a person who proves their ability to withstand criticism is a huge leadership victory. The minute you decide to succumb to the temptation to lash out at negative remarks and actions, you lose credibility as a leader. Though it may be justified to respond harshly, it’s always going to serve you better to take the high road. It will build respect from those around you and will quench the fire of conflict by removing the kindling that gets the fire started in the first place. Negative remarks will be equal to throwing a match into the ocean.

It’s a CHOICE to be Offended

At the end of the day we have a choice to make. Though people may be offensive, it’s your choice whether or not to be offended. You don’t have to like or accept people’s words and actions, but you don’t have to allow those words and actions to have power of you. When you choose offense, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re giving power to their words. Remove their power by being un-offendable.