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Become Successful: Defining What Success Means to You

SuccessIf you want to truly be successful, you need to know what success means to you. If you’re attempting to achieve someone else’s view of success then you’ll have a much harder time navigating to your own ideal end goal. So, how do you find what success looks like in your own life? Let’s have a look.

Defining Success in Your Life

Here are 3 tips to help you define and achieve success in your life:

  1. Stop Comparing – Drawing inspiration from others is a great thing. However, when someone else’s success defines our own, you can easily become lost and discouraged. We were all meant to do different things in this world and trying to model someone else too closely will leave you unsatisfied and in a position to not get the results you really desire. Compare yourself to no one and continue the pursuit of growing into who YOU are supposed to be.
  2. Identify What You Really Want – Success will look different to different people. If you’re going to define your own measure of success then you must identify what you really want in life. When it becomes clear what you really want, then you can more clearly calculate the direction of your next step.
  3. Pursue Your Dream – Ok. It’s settled. You’re not comparing yourself to anyone. You know what you want from this life. Take action. Steps one and two mean nothing if you’re not willing to act on what you desire. This will almost certainly mean that you will have to make some sacrifices but the sacrifice means nothing in comparison to the satisfaction of successfully accomplishing what you’re passionate about.