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Feeling Overwhelmed and Unproductive? Here’s Why

Stressed and UnproductiveIt’s no secret that today’s workforce is generally feeling tired, overworked and exhausted. The flaw of our culture’s thinking is that we need to work harder and longer to be productive. In actuality, it’s leaving us more unproductive and less satisfied with our results perpetuating a cycle of increased stress and fatigue on the job.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unproductive, here are a few elements you can evaluate to identify if you’re headed down an unhealthy path.

Big Rocks – What are your big rocks? In other words, what are you priorities? If you’re not clear on your main objectives, you will waste a lot of your energy on things that don’t really matter. Try prioritizing your week according to what MUST be done so that you can accomplish what matters most. You can always come back and make time for the rest once you’ve made some good progress on the main thing.

Your Schedule – Have you over committed your time? Again, if you’re not clear on what your main objectives are, it’s easy to fill your calendar with commitments that don’t help you accomplish the essentials. Become clear on what’s most important and schedule your time accordingly. It’s ok to say no to meetings and projects that aren’t mission critical.

Rest – Are you getting enough rest? This is essential for having mental, emotional and physical stamina. You will simply be unproductive when you’re body isn’t getting the rest it needs. As you craft your schedule to be focused on your priorities, go ahead and build in time for relaxation and quality sleep.

Diet / Exercise – Diet and exercise are two main energy boosters. When we are eating an unhealthy diet we’re likely to be deficient in essential nutrients or struggle with blood sugar issues. Both will have negative effects on energy levels. Additionally, exercise is proven to boost emotional, physical and mental health. When eating well and moving your body, you will be primed to have clarity of thought in addition to the energy you need to produce on a high level.