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Because of you, we can GIVE:


Give the Gift of Family

The gift of FAMILY

We give to help provide single moms with a safe haven where they can learn the necessary skills to come out of poverty and get back on their own two feet. Our giving has helped to be a resource of assistance for the purpose of providing housing, meals, classes for parenting and life skills, counseling, tutoring, mentoring and much more! Learn More…

Give the Gift of Life



The gift of LIFE

We give to help the poor, the widows, disadvantaged children and orphans across the globe. Involvements include feeding programs, orphanage support, wheelchairs supplied for those with disabilities, building homes for critical need families and life-changing educational opportunities. Additionally our giving has helped to be a resource of provision for heart surgeries, medical therapy and much more! Learn More…

Give the Gift of Prayer


The gift of PRAYER

We give to help support the ministry of prayer. In doing so, we have partnered with a team who’s only mission is to release the Kingdom of God into the marketplace. We believe that God has a very specific desire and intention within the marketplace and our duty in that purpose is to be prayerful and seek His will in all of our business ventures. Learn More…