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The Right Strategy for Achieving Your Goals

StrategyHave you ever developed what you thought was as solid strategy to achieve a goal, only to find your team shifting in a new direction a few months down the road? I know from personal experience that it can feel like defeat. However, just because you change trajectory, doesn’t mean that you did the wrong thing before and it certainly doesn’t mean you failed. Here are a few tips for keeping the right perspective about setting your strategy to achieve a goal.

Strategy Doesn’t Determine the Goal

There is always more than one way to achieve a goal. Just because one strategy doesn’t achieve the results you had hoped for, that doesn’t mean that the goal should be thrown out. Also, sometimes a certain strategy is the right thing for a particular season but requires adjustment for the next season. Keep the goal and try a new approach.

A Plan Isn’t a Waste of Time

On the flip side, some believe that creating a plan will lock them too tightly into one way of doing things. However, it’s the plan that gets you motivated into action. A plan is good, but it’s important to hold it with a open hand so that you can easily let go and change directions if need be.

Imagine the Possibilities

Not only should you hold your plan with an open hand, you should also actively consider how else things could be done. It’s great to be flexible to adjust your plan as obstacles occur or doors open, but it’s even better to try and find ways to improve your plan along the way forcing an adjustment in trajectory. This will help you to not be resistant to change and will also help you to have some foresight in overcoming obstacles.