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Interview Tips: Making a Good First Impression

Good First Impression When meeting new people it’s always desired to make a good first impression. Sometimes it’s important and other times it really doesn’t matter. However, when it comes to interviews, it definitely falls into the important category. Here are a few tips for making a good first impression in your interview.

3 Tips for Making a Good First Impression

  1. Punctuality – Being on time is crucial. If you can’t make it on time when you’re trying to impress someone, then you certainly won’t be able to be punctual on a daily basis. Though you may not agree with that thought pattern, this is the message that you send when you show up late to an interview. Be at least 15 minutes early so that any delays cannot be pinned on you.
  2. Professionalism – In an interview there is certainly an element of personal connection that can be helpful to the process, however, going overboard can put you in the red. The safest approach is to take the lead of the interviewer and not probe too far into personal details or observations. If the interviewer isn’t going there, then you shouldn’t either. If they do go there, then follow their lead while still be cautious not too say something inappropriate.
  3. Communication – Every once in a while people communicate the general details while leaving other details out due to the assumption that they are understood. If you’re setting up a meeting with a prospective employer, make sure that you are clear on what they expect. If the decision for when and where to meet is left up to you, make sure that you have communicated the plan clearly. For instance: If you plan to wait for the other party to let you know when they’re on their way before you leave to meet them, make that clear. The last thing you need is to have the other party waiting on you, wondering where you are, only to find out that you are still 2o minutes away. This sort of mistake is a big frustration and will definitely not help you to make a good first impression.