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Great Leadership is Focused on Others, Not on Self

LeadershipOne of the key elements of great leadership is the ability to think beyond yourself. A true leader is looking out for the team and finding ways to help them flourish instead of the other way around. A true leader actually serves more than you might think. As you seek to develop your leadership skills, here are a few things to consider.

Leadership is Relational

Leadership isn’t about simply delegating and assigning tasks to people. That’s not leading, that’s just managing a task list. If you wan’t to truly gain influence and get people to follow you into the future, you must have relational equity with them. If you don’t have it, work on building it. It will pay off in the end.

It’s More about Others and Less about You

Great leadership is not self focused. Believe it or not, people do not want to follow self-absorbed individuals. Self focused people are very uninspiring, unhelpful and not respectable. Become a person that people want to follow by being a person who cares about the team and wants to see everyone grow into the fullness of their potential. Become a person that is focused on others and you will rapidly see an increase in how much influence you have.

Elevating Others Elevates You

It’s a common fear that if you replace yourself you will be seen as irrelevant and then booted out. However, the very thing that makes you feel like you’ll be let go is actually what elevates you. Only great leaders can truly replace themselves and it’s a sign that you ought to be moved up in the ranks. When you’ve successfully empowered someone to do the things that you’re doing, you’re productivity will skyrocket and in turn you’ll be given more to steward. Replacing yourself will actually open the door to bigger and better opportunities.

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