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Emergency Service ID Badges: Maximize Your Effectiveness

Emergency Service ID Badges

Implementing an effective emergency service ID badge protocol will have a huge impact on how you manage a crisis situation. Giving the public something to easily identify will help speed up response time for managing injuries and destruction on site. Don’t let a poor identification system hinder your effectiveness in the field!

Emergency Service ID Badges

It is a national law that all First Responders wear proper identification, and it is our goal at Full Identity to provide durable, long-lasting and professional ID badges for all First Responders. We understand that your dedicated crews provide a dangerous and life-saving service to the nation, and it is our goal to make your ID badge clear and easy to identify for citizens and government employees. Firefighter ID badges require clear, crisp information and photographs, and we use a re-transfer printer to ensure every single badge is to this standard.

Ensuring each is fabricated and shipped from the United States, our production services ensure every single badge you receive is offered with same day shipping and a fast arrival date. These ID badges are crucial and indispensable, and we dedicate ourselves to providing unparalleled quality and reliability from our product. This should make customizing the perfect and unique ID badges simple and fast for all units, regardless of size.


Using unique information and photos, it is possible for you to create an original card design that will make it clear who is part of your crew. We understand that you have requirements unique to your organization, and this is why we make our customization services highly advanced and involved.

Proximity cards are ideal for firefighter ID badges because they reduce the amount of time needed to gain access to certain areas of the facility. These completely eliminate the need for manual swiping of cards, which will also reduce time by no longer requiring personnel to have their badge in-hand to swipe it. In this profession, every single second saved is potentially a life saved in the process.