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Government ID Badges: The Responsibility is YOURS

Government ID Badges

Being in charge of such sensitive information, government agencies have an enormous responsibility in terms of their identification protocol. We’ve heard horror stories about security breaches within various organizations and couldn’t stress enough the importance of government ID badges. Give us a call, shoot us an email or visit our website today if you’re interested in more information about our ID badge options. We would love the opportunity to assist you in taking your identification security to the next level!

Secure Government ID Badges

As a government employee, it is not uncommon to be in charge of sensitive information that must be kept secure at all times. To ensure this is done, your employees must be given proper ID badges that indicate their security level, position and identity in a clear and professional manner. Not only will this keep any sensitive information and valuable assets protected, but you can utilize specialized and unique identifiers on the cards similar to what can be found on a driver’s license, to ensure falsification is not possible.

At Full Identity, we utilize fabrication processes based in the United States and use only high-quality PVC materials to create each ID badge. Proximity ID badges are ideal for government positions because they eliminate the necessity for installation of a manual swiping unit. Employees can simply flash their badge at the relevant personnel or security station to gain entrance, saving time and money in the process while keeping security at its peak.

In addition to gaining access to a facility, we understand that certain rooms and floors of a building should only be accessible by certain employees. It is possible to have ID badges coded to work on only certain entrance points, allowing only authorized personnel beyond a certain area of your building. This can ensure that only properly trained and authorized employees gain access to the relevant areas of your facility and it will keep you feeling secure in your operations.