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Law Enforcement ID Cards: Protect Your Integrity

Law Enforcement ID Cards

As most officers know, it’s the ID card, not just the badge, that tells you if you’re dealing with a real officer or an impersonator. Badges can be fairly easy to come by, but ID cards are much harder to precisely duplicate due to the detailed information they contain. Additionally, there are plenty of great features that can set ID cards apart, unlike a badge.

Law Enforcement ID Badges

As law officers know, flashing a badge alone should not be enough to identify a true officer from an impersonator, and we at Full Identity offer you quality ID badges to help the process. Badges are fairly easy to find, but ID cards are significantly more difficult to duplicate due to the highly specific and unique techniques used in its production. With re-transfer printing, created to produce a crisp and high-quality badge, we can fill your ID badge with the detailed information you need for each individual officer.

Customization is the key with these ID cards, especially when fighting the possibility of falsification, and we offer some of the most customizable design options in the nation. Each police station will have unique requirements, men and women of different ranks, and many other differing factors that will require unique ID badges. For this reason, we produce all of our badges right here in the United States using high quality PVC to ensure you are given quality results for the right price.

For lanyard and other badge holder options, you may look through our extensive catalogue of materials. This will make creating unique ID badges even simpler, and it will ensure your officers are readily identified by the public and their fellow men and women in blue. This will provide a safer environment for pedestrians and officers alike, and you can get started by following just a few simple steps.


Prior to printing, a faxed document from an authority figure is required to produce ID cards on your behalf. The document must contain the appropriate letter head. Once the document has been verified, we can print the order.