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Medical ID Badges for Nurses, Doctors and Staff

Medical ID Badges

Whether a hospital, doctor’s office or clinic it’s crucial that visitors and staff are clearly identified. We have heard of countless incidents that were a direct result of poor identification protocol. In terms of reducing the risk of security breach in your establishment, Medical ID badges can be of great service to you. With such a high volume of visitors on a daily basis, it’s imperative to make your identification protocol as effective as possible.

Professional Medical ID Badges

Medical professionals alike can agree that the ID badge is one of the most important parts of their uniform. Whether they’re working in a small clinic, or a large medical facility such as a hospital, their ID badge is what helps keep a secure operation running smoothly. It’s important to have a design that all professionals will be able to use and understand without hassle, and is simple enough for visiting patients or visitors to also be able to identify.

Some nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals have limited access to specific rooms or areas of the building, and an ID badge allow them to gain access to areas that are off limits to anyone who is not an employee. Most patients will encounter multiple nurses and doctors, so an ID badge that features the name of the employee will assist the patient and their family and friends in accurately identifying the individuals who assist them throughout the day.

The HR department will especially love the convenience of employees being able to scan their ID in order to clock in and out and organize building-wide time sheets. Unlike traditional computer logins, a badge can either be scanned or swiped through a machine, thus eliminating the unpleasant task of having to stop and login and out of a standard time tracking system.

For visitors, it’s wise to invest in one of our visitor management systems at Full Identity. Our highly advanced systems allow you to customize visitor badges with names, dates, and times in your own design. Self-expiring technology will automatically create a red “void” label on the sticker once the visitor has reached their allotted time in the medical facilities.

Whether you’re a professional or a visitor, our ID badge options and technologies will create an organized and professional environment for all. Call us today to get started on a creation of your own, or purchase a system that will enhance your front desk experience.