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Student ID Badges: We Just Made Your Life Much Easier

Student ID Badges

Every year schools across the nation dread when it’s time to make new student ID badges. Let’s face it, producing photo ID badges for an entire school can be a daunting task. Well, there’s good news! We believe we can make that time of the year a lot less hectic for you and your students.

Mass Education ID Badges

Student ID badges make moving through the building faster and easier for all employees and students, especially on large campuses with multiple facilities, such as cafeterias, gyms and science buildings. That said, producing enough photo ID badges for an entire school, especially for one with many thousands of students, can be daunting without the right help. Fortunately, we at Full Identity have created a more reliable and beneficial method of producing mass IDs with the ability to give students access to the facilities they need.

At Full Identity, we ensure as little of the process is left up to you as possible, including not having to hole punch all of those badges on your own. Rather than wasting your important time on this, you can choose to simply send us your information and photos to receive beautifully fabricated PVC badges produced and shipped from the United States. Laminated for added protection, you may visit our catalogue to choose from an enormous range of lanyards, badge holders and much more to ensure each student is given what they need to keep their badge safe and handy.

You may also integrate our ID badge design program into your website, which will allow students the opportunity to order ID badges on their own time. With specific protocols on your side, you can produce ID badges for every single student in half the time and for a significantly reduced price. Same day shipping and 24/7 ordering will make it possible for your students to receive beautiful new badges and for your facility to remain secure at all times.

Added Benefits

Our customer care center is always just a phone call away, ensuring you have experienced professionals on hand to help you with redesigning any ID badges you feel might not meet your standards. This redesign service is something we take great pride in, as we are not satisfied with your ID design until you are also satisfied with it. Due to the use of re-transfer printers, our ID badges have pristine images and text, producing a professional and attractive badge that will indicate the type of quality students can expect from your educational personnel.

Each badge is laminated for added security, and you may allow students to choose from our catalogue for their badge protection options or make the choice on your own. This is a service we offer to educational facilities free of charge!