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ID Badge Lanyards: Why Invest in Something That Doesn’t Matter

Being in the industry, I’ve been able to witness the increased need for company ID badges. Naturally, our desire to accessorize everything has bled into that need, leaving us with an unquenchable longing to wear our ID badges with pizazz. For companies that make ID badge lanyards, that’s great for business, but why does it matter?

Why it Matters

Frankly, it doesn’t really matter. ID badge lanyards don’t give your brain extraordinary power or cause you to work more efficiently than before. And if you have a really bad haircut, they can’t even make you look more handsome. So, why invest in something that “doesn’t matter”? Let me ask you a question. What do you think when you’re doing business with someone who’s wearing a stellar, well fitted suit? Probably that they’re losing at life, can’t figure out how to use a fork and still need mom to read them a bedtime story, right? WRONG! No one ever hated working with someone that was well put together. That is, unless they’re a well dressed, arrogant jerk OR you have self esteem issues. All jokes aside, people notice when you present yourself in an organized fashion. It’s ALWAYS worth the effort to make a great first impression with your customers.

 Three reasons why you should invest in ID badge lanyards:
  1. You stand out.
    • Any time you’re doing something unique, people will notice. It never has to be obnoxious, but being original is something that people appreciate and aren’t as likely to forget.
  2. It shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile.
    • Customers need to know that they are valued. When you present yourself well to someone, it shows them that you care about how they feel about you. It’s relatively subconscious, but it adds value to them and they feel it whether they realize or not.
  3. ID badge lanyards are helpful.
    • Have you ever been to a store or an event and it seems impossible to find an associate who can answer a simple question for you? Yeah… me too. It’s annoying. Don’t do that to your customers. Help them to easily identify you. It sounds trivial, but it makes a difference and your customers will appreciate it.

So, what are your thoughts on id badge lanyards? Have they been helpful to you or your company?

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