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ID Badge Options

Why ID Badge Options Remain Relevant for Good Business

With so many new additions to the security business, it can be difficult to decide which is the most effective for your needs. However, ID badges remain the most reliable and affordable option for millions of businesses across the nation, and there are more than a few reasons why this is true. That said, there should be a certain expectation of quality along with an order of ID badges, and there are only so many companies with the resources, quality materials and reputation to ensure those expectations are met. Full Identity is that company, and our high quality PVC badges will make running your business easier on all fronts.

Set Apart

Full Identity is the best company to get your ID badges from, especially if you want your badges to look professional while providing unending functionality. These badges are fabricated using high quality PVC and they are designed and shipped from right here in the United States. Our Customer support services are also based in the US, and all badges are printed on a re-transfer printer, providing an unparalleled image for each option.

Laminated for additional protection, you can visit the Full Identity site to have a hand in the entire design process using the DIY badge design and print tool. This should make it possible for you to design a badge prominently showing all of the relevant information that must be present for each of your employees. Full Identity will even work directly with your HR department and business to help create a design and set up a printing station onsite if you have a large operation.

Orders can be made 24/7, and you can place a rush on the order to ensure you receive it by the deadline. This will not only make daily work more effective, but you should be able to keep your employees fitted with personalized badges that will keep your security strong and resilient. In addition, you can have same day shipping or choose to print from home, with no minimum order quantities to limit your options. And should you need to order 50 cards or more, you will receive free shipping. These order fulfillment options are just a few of the ways Full Identity makes the process of giving ID badges to employees affordable, simple and efficient.


ID badges are more than simple identifiers for employees. They are a line of defense stopping unwanted personnel from entering your establishment. Whether you run a small business, hospital, or any other relevant organization in need of heightened security throughout operational hours. ID badges allow a person secure entry, make timecard functions fast and efficient, can stop other employees of lower levels from entering certain areas, and much more.

To get the full view of your ID badge options, you may choose to visit the Full Identity catalogue designed to offer you visual representations and information regarding your possible options. Highly customizable badge reels, lanyards, proximity card holders, vinyl badge holders and many more options are available to ensure your badges are properly and professional presented when worn.

Proximity ID badges are one of the many options used by secure facilities, and these highly versatile badges make running a business simpler and more productive. These stand out above all other because you never need to worry about wear and tear caused by running your badge through a magnetic card reader multiple times a day. These completely eliminate individual identification errors, remove the need for manual entry units, are longer lasting, protect sensitive information, and more. Simply by flashing their cards, employees may enter your secure facility in seconds, keeping their work free of hassles and easy to start right away, and they can be used in a number of ways throughout the building. There are many other options available, but this option is the most convenient for both employees and their employers.

Each badge can be set up to open only certain doors, which is beneficial for companies with varied levels of security within the building. This will also ensure any information held inside the property, as well as any valuable equipment, is secure from outsiders not given authorization to enter.

Building security for your business is fast and simple if you arm yourself with the right equipment, and quality ID badges are one of the best tools you can use. These help employees look professional, clearly indicate their position and authority, and make it possible for you to protect your assets all at once. For this reason, ID badges will remain relevant across the nation for a wide range of industries for many decades to come, and it is in your best interest to have these sooner rather than later.