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Understanding Your Strengths: 4 Identifying Questions to Ask

Identifying Your StrengthsLet’s face it, a good percentage of people do not feel satisfied and fulfilled at work. However, it’s often thought that it’s the job itself that is the problem, but really the problem stems from not operating within their strengths. When we’re able to do what we’re good at, we find more success, satisfaction and fulfillment in everything that we do. Now, in order to begin using your strengths on the job, you have to know what they really are. Here are a few tips for identifying your strengths:

Identifying your Strengths

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What have you been praised for in the past? – In other words, what do other people say that you’re good at? Have you received any awards in the past? These are worth looking at because they signify areas where you are above average in performance.
  2. What do you ENJOY doing? – What do you do when you don’t have to be doing anything? Do you enjoy photography, web design, painting, writing music, etc? Answering this question may help you define what is most important to you and what is worth developing into your career path.
  3. What fascinates you?  – In other words, what do you enjoy learning about? If developing a specific skill or knowledge base can be fun then it could be a field that you should pursue. After all, if your passionate about a particular field or skill, then the work it takes to grow in that area will feel less like work and more like pleasure.
  4. Where have you succeeded in the past? – There may be scenarios that you handled particularly well and that’s worth evaluating. When we have success, even if we didn’t love the circumstances, we need to understand why we succeeded. There is a strength there that brought about a win and you can take that and apply it to all other areas.

If you need a little extra help figuring out what your strengths really are, there are a few great resources out there like StrengthsFinders, Myers Briggs, DiSC and more that can help you pinpoint who you are.