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Identifying Your Strengths in the Workplace

Identify Your StrengthsAs we move along through life and find our place in the workforce, we’re inevitably going to be faced with the issue of identifying our workplace strengths. Either you need to know for yourself so that you can pursue the appropriate avenue or you’ll need to know so that your employer or potential employer can have appropriate expectations of you and place you well within the company.

Knowing your strengths and how the different strengths can work together will allow you to work within you sweet spot, waste less time and energy and give others the opportunity to do the same. That adds a lot of value to your company and ultimately provides the most enjoyable work environment.

How Do I Identify My Strengths?
  1. Listen to How You Feel
    • What are your emotions telling you about the tasks that you’re doing? This is a question that will help you to identify your strengths. Is what you’re doing giving you a sense of satisfaction and joy? If not, you may want to consider that your job isn’t lining up with your strengths.
    • When you’re doing something that you love, and that you’re good at, you should be energized. Things that are not quite up your alley will typically leave you feeling drained and unsatisfied.
  2. Evaluate the Activities You Enjoy the Most (Even if they aren’t work activities)
    • For example; Do you like to plan or host big parties? Well, maybe you’d be a great fit for a management position in the future. Maybe you should consider pursuing a position with a company that often hosts events.
    • Do you like to volunteer your time as a mentor or at a shelter? Well, maybe human resources is the appropriate place for you.
  3. Determine if You’re Good at What You Love
    • On this one, don’t simply ask your friends and family if you’re good at a given skill. Test the true results of what you’re doing.
    • For instance; If you love planning and organizing parties or events, what are you hearing from the people who actually attend? Does everyone seem to be having a good time? Are there lots of people that show up and do you have repeat guests at your events?
    • Consider it one of your true strengths when you’re able to enjoy it and you’re actually good at it. If you enjoy it but you aren’t good at it, it’s not ultimately where you’ll find the most success in your career.

I hope this helps to get you thinking differently and more specifically about your career path. Remember, when you’re operating within your strength areas you can be a more efficient part of the team and increase productivity. When you can help others to identify their strengths, then you begin to add that same value to the team as a whole.