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How Words of Positivity Can Impact Others

PositivityWhether you want to acknowledge it or not, words have power. We have the power to speak things into existence. When we speak negatively to people, we create an environment for negativity to take root in their life. On the contrary, when we speak positively we create an environment for positivity to take root. Let’s look at a few ways our words can positively or negatively impact those around us.

Encourage Perseverance – In an instance where someone has a big failure, heaping negativity or shame on them can make them want to give up and walk away. Though we shouldn’t ignore failures, it’s important to follow up with positive words. This can help them to get back up and move forward with confidence to avoid the same failure in the future.

Positivity Constructs – Speaking positively into people’s lives actually builds them up. We have the powerful ability to construct or tear down. Choose to encourage rather than discourage. Choose to point out the strength and gifting of others rather than hammer down on their flaws. Choose to use the power of your words to build up, rather than to tear down.

Timing – The right thing at the wrong time can be just as bad as simply doing the wrong thing. Sometimes, we feel we have the right response for a certain situation. Maybe that response is positive and true, however, it’s not always the right time to deliver that truth. For instance, if someone were to experience a significant loss of major failure in their career, they really just need someone to feel the pain with them for a season. Eventually they will need encouraging words and maybe even some direction, but trying to give them advice too quickly can be detrimental. Knowing the right answer isn’t enough. You need to also understand sensitivity and timing.