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The Perfect Healthcare ID Badge Solution: LogoClips

The Perfect Healthcare ID Badge Solution: LogoClipsIf you’re familiar with the industry then you know that the healthcare world has its fair share of specific challenges in terms of identification and security. Questions range from which visitor management system is most effective to designing an appropriate ID badge for facility staff.

In many parts of the country, it’s required by law for employees that work directly with patients to where a visible ID badge containing their name and photo. In addition to the obvious security benefit to patients and staff, the ID badges help to create a friendly environment by providing patients with the ability to see the name and position of the individual who is providing care.

By default, since ID badges are a required, the need for an effective way to carry them is essential. Though there are a variety of badge carrying accessories, let’s take a look at one that may stand out above the rest for the healthcare industry.

Why Use LogoClips?

It’s likely that you have heard about the standard strap clip which holds an ID badge in pace in the most basic fashion. It’s also likely that you have heard about badge reels which allow for more accessibility, giving you the ability to extend your badge at will while keeping it tucked neatly to your short of belt when unused. However, it has caused some concern for more active members of the staff who worry about the cord being tangled or snagged during emergency situations. The strap clip does omit this issues but it also doesn’t have any added space for customization, unlike the badge reel.

LogoClips are a convenient combination of these two options. Here are a few reasons LogoClips could be an excellent fit for your healthcare facility:

  • Customization – Add eye catching branding, a company logo, employee name or title, (RN, MD, DO, etc.)
  • Convenience – Utilizes a metal clip and a vinyl strap making it very easy to attach to hole punched or “slotted” cards.
  • Tangle Free –  LogoClips do not utilize a cord, removing the possibility of malfunction. This means that your ID will not swing or dangle over patients and will not become snapped or tangled with movement in fast paced or emergency scenarios.

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