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Achieving Success: Overcoming Your Brain

Achieving Success: Overcoming Your BrainWe all have the desire to be successful and highly productive, however the human brain seems to tend toward survival more than it tends toward success. This can cause us lean more into what we feel rather than what we know. If we’re always following what we feel, we’ll always end up taking the easy way out and walk down the path of least resistance. So, how do we get ourselves out of survival mode and into success mode? Here are a few tips that can help.

Acknowledge Tendencies – Your brain works in a way to keep you in patterns and maintain safety. This is why we feel the need to stay comfortable, because it feels safe. Our brains don’t necessarily like it when we stretch toward discomfort because it feels like a threat to what is known. If you can acknowledge this about your brain, you can overcome by choosing not to succumb to the need to feel comfortable. Stretching your comfort zone is not an actual threat, it’s a perceived threat.

Create New Norms – Though your brain tends toward comfort it can be trained to understand and accept new and more challenging patterns. It will believe what it is told most often. If you continually will yourself to do the things that you don’t feel like doing, you will eventually become comfortable with not being comfortable. You have to tell your brain what matters most and reprogram your it with repetition.

Be Prize-Minded – Our brains work best when there is a clear why to what we’re doing. Focusing too much on discipline can really be counterproductive. Our brains see that is too much of a threat and often give up and resort back to survival mode. Keep your eyes on the prize ahead and your brain will be more free to focus on solutions. Disciples alert the brain of a problem while prizes alert the brain of a motivation.