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Removing Fear from Your Career

Removing Fear from Your CareerHave you found yourself stuck in a career that you’re not totally jazzed about? Why does this happen? Well, there are a lot of reasons why people stay put when they don’t want to, but one that is very predominant is fear. Fear, if given the power, has the ability to dictate whether or not we truly succeed in living out our dreams. Let’s take a look at how to remove the power of fear in our career path.

Carry a Mindset of GROWTH

We all come to a place where we hit a growth cap. Hitting your growth cap is a very vulnerable and uncomfortable place. It’s those that believe that can learn to increase their capacity that succeed. We can all enlarge our ability to grow. Internalizing this belief will allow you to create a new ceiling for yourself so that you can rise above the one that you have now. Embrace the discomfort and recognize that pushing through it will cause growth rather than hinder it.

Recognize Fear: Face it, Embrace it

Fear is simply a feeling and it tells us a story that makes us feel uncertain, insecure or anxious. However, it’s often not nearly as much of a reality as we think it is. The key is to recognize that you feel fear, face it and tell yourself a different story. Utilize self-talk and begin to write a different ending to the fairytale of fear. The most successful people look fear in the eye and speak the truth. Fear will tell you that you’re not equipped enough. Courage tells you that you can do it even if you don’t feel like you can. Emotions can be extremely deceptive and hold you back from being who you really can be.

Take it One Step at a Time

Handling fear in our lives can be a complex process. It’s one thing to say that you have courage and it’s another thing to actually be courageous. Build up courage by tackling fear one small scenario at a time. Every little occasion that you let fear win, you are diminishing your ability to be courageous. So, don’t let the small stuff slide. Put small occasions of fear under your feet and slowly build your courage over time.