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States ID Cards Must be REAL ID Compliant and Time is Running Out

ID Cards REAL ID ComplianceTime is quickly running out for states to provide driver’s licenses and ID cards that meet the standard of a federal law requiring tamper-proof identification. (USA Today)

Push Back on REAL ID Compliance

Many states have given some push back against the law out of concern for personal privacy and reluctance to use taxpayer dollars for the feature updates.

Oregon, Arizona, Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana and Idaho have gone as far as implementing laws that actually ban compliance with the REAL ID Act while other states have simply asked for more time to come into compliance with the law. Many states have received the time extension but it will expire on OCT 10.

Extension Requests

According to Homeland Security press secretary Aaron Rodriguez, complaint ID cards will be required to access federal facilities within 90 days of the extension expiration date. He went on to say that a state may request an extension renewal but its approval will be entirely up to Homeland Security.

Other than Minnesota, who’s request was denied this year, he is not aware of any other extension requests that have been denied. However, in order for a state to receive an extension renewal, it must be demonstrated that the state has been making progress in becoming REAL ID compliant.