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Stop Trying. It Never Works

Stop Trying, Start DoingHave you ever wondered why we use the word “try” so much? The reality is that we either do or we don’t do. Trying is really just an excuse to cushion the blow of failure. We simply either accomplish the goal or we don’t accomplish goal. When we say that we’re going to try, we’re really just covering our butt for when/if we don’t get the results. We are afraid to fail so we set ourselves up to feel better when we do. What if we didn’t have that safety net? What if we had the legitimacy of real failure on the line every single time. Would we work hard to accomplish more? I think we would. Let’s quite trying and start doing.

Three Ways to Stop Trying and Start Doing

Stop Using the Word “Try” – As I mentioned before when we say that we’ll try, we set ourselves up to be more comfortable with failure. Failure is never comfortable, nor should it be. It’s the discomfort of failure that drives us to do what it takes to win. If you stop saying that you’ll try, you’re more likely to actually get the job done.

Commit to the Results – Look passed the task itself and focus on where you want to end up. When we are focused on the details that make us feel like we might fail, our brains are less free to problem solve and find solutions. When we are dedicated to the outcome we want, we were more likely to find the answers we need and get the breakthrough.

Do or Don’t Do – Embrace the reality that you’re either doing or not doing. Pretend as if trying doesn’t event exist. If there is something that you don’t want to do, then don’t do it. Find someone else to do it or let of it completely. If you must do it, then find the resolve to get it done. Always remember that trying and doing are not the same and shouldn’t be thought of as such. Commit to make it happen or don’t even touch it.