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The Benefit of Expiration Dates on Custom ID Cards

Expiration Dates on Custom ID CardsAs you may already know, the benefits of custom ID cards are numerous. We’ve seen the need and desire for custom ID cards increase significantly over the past few decades. Though many companies have incorporated them into their security protocol, many have failed to realize the benefit of using expiration dates on their cards. So, let’s take a look at why you should add an expiration date to your custom ID cards.

Damage Control

Expiration dates limit fraudulent use of ID cards by removing the ability of former personnel to have illegitimate privileges or access to sensitive information. Particularly in regards to larger organizations, it can be easy to get through the system if there is no concrete method for verifying the validity of an individual’s ID. An expiration date is very helpful in this scenario. Do a little preemptive damage control by implementing expiration dates. It may save you big in the future.

Reduce Wear & Tear

Expiration dates help to maintain the quality of ID cards by reducing the amount of time allowed for wear and tear. Since the cards would need to be updated and re-printed regularly, they would have a much lower chance of being worn to point of defacement in between updates. Your organizations custom ID cards are much more likely to remain in mint condition. This is great for security purposes but it’s also good for business. Your clientele won’t be as impressed with your organization if everyone’s ID cards are beat up and unrecognizable. Having clean and presentable ID cards will work in your favor in terms of making a good impression.

Identification Accuracy

When the expiration date is in place, ID card photos are updated on a regular basis. This allows for a higher level of identification accuracy. If everyone’s picture is current, up to the last year or so, you can be very confident that you’re accurately verifying an individual’s identity. No more 50 year olds sporting a picture of when they were 29 and a half. Keep things fresh and up to date and identification accuracy will be on point.

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