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The Secret to Hiring the Right Person

Today’s workforce is changing rapidly. It has become clear that one of the best ways to build and maintain a striving company in today’s world is by hiring based on personality type. 80% of Fortune 500 Companies use personality assessments when hiring for a position. Hiring this way keeps their workers energized, motivated, and working in their strengths. Hiring based on personality type is a great way to ensure that you have a synergized workspace full of the right people for the job. There are four main points for the benefits of using personality testing in your company’s hiring process and in your workplace environment.

  1. Finding a Culture Fit

Every business is like a snowflake, and finding someone who fits into its unique environment is important. If an employee fits well into the workspace it benefits both the employee and the business greatly. Ideally, it’s best to diversify to allow a well-balanced team. Focusing too much on one certain personality type can lead to some major blind spots. Rather, having a healthy and balanced team of different personality types can lead to a much more creative and balanced workspace. Typically, finding a candidate whose personality aligns with your company values, and who fits into the role, is just a roll of the dice. With personality testing, however, you’re much more likely to find someone who perfectly fits the environment your company provides.

  1. Satisfying Role Requirements

As a business owner or a hiring manager, you understand that getting the job done is crucial, and finding someone who can get the job done, and who can get it done well, is equally important. Personality testing can help you determine if someone is a right fit for the work they will be doing. Each role in an office requires a different set of skills. Personality testing can help us understand what a person’s strengths and weaknesses are, thus helping us find the right fit for the job at hand. One employee might be better suited to working with customers, while another might be better with spreadsheets. Personality tests can help us better understand all of these factors, and more. The right person for the right job makes all the difference in the world for the results of the work, and for the person working as well. 

  1. Improving HR Efficiencies

The process of hiring can be tedious and lengthy, and often doesn’t give us the results we might hope for. Personality tests help to better understand your candidates, so that you can better pick the right candidate for the job. Personality testing also helps greatly reduce a company’s turnover rate. Hiring can become much more efficient with far better results using personality testing. It’s best to use personality testing in the hiring stage, but it also helps to do even if you already have hired staff. Using personality tests in the workforce has already proven to dramatically enhance a company and its results, and it can in yours too.

  1. Nurturing Talent

One of the greatest perks of utilizing personality tests in your work environment, is that it brings a lot of value to the individual employees. Employees have a much higher likelihood of feeling energized by their work as they are working to their strengths, and have a natural talent and a healthy drive to get the work completed. This tends to be beneficial in the long run as the person will likely improve further and faster than they would if they were working doing a job that wasn’t suited to them. An employee who works in their strengths will become stronger with things they already have talent for, and will continue to grow in ways that will help them the most. Helping employees to reach to levels, to produce good work, and to enjoy the work that they do, is all possible with personality testing.

A Piece to the Puzzle

Personality testing is just one of the many ways to improve your company and work environment. It is not the one answer to any problem. Personality testing alone will not get you the results that you deserve, but it will certainly be a positive step in the right direction. Personality testing will help you better understand your employees, but every person is different, and of course many more factors play an important role such as work experience and skill. It is simply another tool to utilize on the journey to a successful company.