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Thinking Differently: Successful vs Unsuccessful

Successful ThinkingWhat makes the difference between people who are successful and people who are unsuccessful. Often times it never really boils down to talent alone. There are plenty of people who are brimming with talent and potential but never actually accomplish anything. Conversely there are people that are seemingly low in the talent department yet still manage to accomplish great things. What makes the difference?

Being successful ultimately comes down to thoughts and beliefs. When you think like a winner, then you’ll likely become one. Here are a few ways in which successful people think. Are there adjustments that need to be made in your thinking?

Embrace Hard Work – Successful people are hard workers. They know that their job isn’t complete when the tasks are done. They know that they must continue to move forward and progress beyond where they are right now. If you’re satisfied with where you are, eventually you’ll be on the losing end. You must continue to be hungry for growth and to be the best.

Take Ownership & Responsibility – In other words, do everything as if your reputation was at stake. Even if  your working for someone else, do the work as if the company was yours. That will likely change the way you do your job. Successful people take ownership of their role and take responsibility for the results. As long as you aren’t doing that, you’re going to produce results that are mediocre.

Think BIG – Don’t be oblivious to what kind of energy will be required for big results but don’t be limited by fear either. Allow yourself to dream up the biggest and best ideas. Even if you don’t achieve the biggest thing you can think of, you’ll still achieve greater results than if you hadn’t allowed yourself to think big.

Choose Steadiness – It can be easy to let your emotions run your life and control your motivation. Successful people understand their emotional swings and choose not to allow them to dictate how they perform. Never make huge decisions when you’re in emotional highs or lows. Learn to understand yourself and know when to stop listening to the voices in your head. This will allow you to get the best and most rational results. Choose to keep showing up, not matter how you feel.

Ask for Help – The most successful people are not afraid to get others involved in what they are doing. They are not afraid to give others credit and as a result they accomplish a whole lot more. When you enlist others to help you carry out a vision, you magnify what is possible and add value to the lives of those around you.

So, if you want to become more successful, you simply need to ask yourself if a particular mindset, habit or limiting belief is holding you back. Sometimes the smallest tweaks in mindset can generate the largest improvements.