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What is the 26-Bit Format for Proximity ID Badges?

26-Bit Format for Proximity ID BadgesThe 26-bit format for proximity ID badges is the industry’s standard format. This particular format is open and can be purchased by any individual or organization. Proprietary formats, which are specialized for an individual company, are a bit more secure but also carry a higher price tag because of the custom programming requirements.

ID badges and other devices that are formatted with the 26-bit technology are programmed with two numbers, the facility code and the serial number. Both of these numbers are verified by the access control system before any access is permitted.

The Facility Code

The facility code number will be anywhere from 0 to 255 when dealing with the 26-bit format. This number will be the same on all employee ID badges because it indicates a specific building or facility. For organizations with multiple locations, some systems will allow for ID badges to contain more than one facility code.

The Serial Number

Unlike the facility code, the serial number will be different for each employee because it represents the individual user. This number is more specifically utilized in terms of access control and allows for different levels of access for each number. For instance; you can designate one serial number to have permanent access while designating another serial number to only have access during operating hours or only from Monday through Friday. Additionally, some access control systems have the capability of keeping attendance records.

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