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Why You May Not Be Getting That Promotion

Why You May Not Be Getting That PromotionFor most of the people who are interested in developing a solid career, the desire to be noticed and promoted is huge. Everyone wants that, or they should, anyway. But, why isn’t that happening for you? Why aren’t you getting the promotion that you feel you deserve? Here a few key characteristics that you should evaluate within yourself in order to better identify why you may not be getting that promotion.

Supporting the Vision

Every good employer has a vision for their company. Ideally, if they had their wish, every one of their employees would understand that vision and focus everything they do around achieving it.

Are you doing that? Do you even understand the vision of the company? If not, you should find out and take ownership of it. Grab the vision and run with it as if it were the vision that you created for your own company. When you take ownership of the vision you treat everything you do differently.

That’s what your employer wants to see from the people that move to the top.

Leadership & Influence

No one legitimately makes it to the top without having leadership skills. Leadership is simply the ability to gain influence over others. The best leaders gain influence in a healthy way, based on respect and relational equity. Poor leaders do it through position and power, which isn’t really leadership at all.

Do people respect you? Do your co-workers and subordinates do what you ask them to do or is it always like pulling teeth to get people to do something?

If you haven’t developed your leadership, you simply must. Your boss needs to know that people will listen to you. Leaders are the only ones who get moved to the top. Become a good leader and your likelihood of moving up will significantly increase.


Do people generally like you? Does your boss like you? Is it difficult for you to connect with people? Does your team typically like working with you on projects and tasks? If not, you might be in trouble. As I mentioned before, a good leader is one who can connect with people and earn relational equity. If you’re having trouble relating to people, it’s time to work on your interpersonal skills. Your boss needs to know that you will be able to keep the peace with those that you oversee. Of course, there will be inevitable disagreements but it has to be understood that you know how to handle yourself when those situations arise.

If you have found yourself in a position where you feel that all of these elements are working for you then the final questions to ask is whether or not you are really producing the results that your employer is looking for. It’s not enough to simply do your job well. You need to be getting the results that are required, plus some.

If you don’t know what is expected then ask for some clear direction so that you can ensure that you’re getting the results that are desired. You can do it! It’s all a matter of being willing to do what it takes to grow. Be actively pursuing personal development and you can become that guy, or girl, that gets the promotion!