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Getting the Right Results: 4 Obstacles to Excellence

4 Obstacles to ExcellenceThe desire to produce excellence is inside of all of us. However, excellence doesn’t come easy and it can be a real temptation to settle for good enough when you’re not quite getting the results you were hoping for. Here are a few obstacles that often temp us to settle for “less than” results.

C O U R A G E – Fear can be one of the biggest obstacles that we face. No one wants to fail, yet that possible always looms. Sometimes fear comes from feeling the need to take a stand on something but not knowing how it will be received. Or maybe you feel afraid to ask too much of your team or to be disliked by them. Push through the fear of the unknown and remind yourself of what is at stake. More often than not, it will be in your benefit to step out.

M O T I V A T I O N – If you want to deliver the best results, you simply must have self motivation. Relying too heavily on the team to develop the ideas will hold everyone back. Put your best foot forward in all that you do and don’t let everyone else do the work. You may have the perspective that takes things to the next level. But, that will never happen if you’re lacking motivation and personal resolve.

T I M E – With deadlines creeping up, it’s tempting to let time be an excuse for poor results. It’s inevitable that last minute things will pop up, however you can avoid this by becoming a diligent planner. Plan everything out ahead of time to help yourself avoid last minute decision making that leads to settling. Even if you’re behind, don’t let it be an excuse to push something out that’s incomplete.

R E S O U R C E – In a perfect world, we would have unlimited funding and access to all of the best experts. Though that is never the case, you have everything you need to get excellent results. It’s simply a matter of creativity. Think critically, be creative and do your best with what is at your disposal. If you keep your courage, take initiative and hold a high standard, you can do more than you think you can.