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Eliminating Distractions and Keeping Your Focus at Work

Eliminating Distractions and Keeping Your Focus at WorkAre you struggling to stay focused a work? This is quite common in the mobile world we live in today. It’s quite easy to take your work home and let your home life bleed into work, which wasn’t the case 50 years ago. So, how do you stay focused on one thing at a time? Here are three ways that you can get rid of distractions and keep your focus at work:

1. Focus on Concentration – There are a lot of little things that can pop up to distract you from your work, literally. Text messages, emails and social media notification are constant and if they are always bombarding your computer and phone, you will never be able to truly focus. Try to turn off or mute notifications during the day so that you can stay focused on what’s most important. Schedule a few times throughout the day to check in on your notifications so that you don’t miss important information. Otherwise, turn them off and stay in the zone.

2. Block Your Time – In order for number one to work, you must block out times when you’ll do nothing but work on your work. Set this system up with your team so that they know not to expect an immediate response. Since you’ve scheduled time to check your notifications, they’ll know that you’ll eventually get back to them.

3. Only Work at Work – If you’re always juggling between personal life and work you’ll have a hard time focusing and work and relaxing at home. Protect your personal time so that you can effectively recharge. The most productive people leave their work at work and vice versa. You can only give deep focus for short bursts throughout the day. So, allow yourself to exert your most critical thought during your time blocks and allow yourself to totally unplug when you go home. This will help you be really clear at work and produce the results you want.