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Overcoming Workplace Anxiety

Overcoming Workplace AnxietyAre you experiencing anxiety about your work situation? If you are, you’re not alone. Turns out, this is very common. In fact anxiety disorders are of the most common psychiatric illnesses in America. Don’t worry, there is hope. If you’re dealing with anxiety, here are a few tips to help you combat it and get back on the road to peace of mind.

1. Self Reflect – In the fast paced world that we live in, it’s easy for busyness and stress to creep up on you. If you’re feeling the tension, give yourself a minute or two to reflect on why you’re feeling stressed. If you can pinpoint it, you can take some action on working out of it. If you suppress it, you will likely just find a way to numb it which allows it to get worse and worse under the radar.

2. Prioritize “Me” Time – We all need the opportunity to decompress. You must have things in your life that you enjoy doing that aren’t your work. This could be cycling, gaming, golf or other casual sports, etc. Work will always bring an allotment of stressors, so your non-work life should be full of anti-stress activity.

3. Get Some Exercise – Considering all of the benefits of exercise, it should come as a surprise that this is on the list. When you get your body moving on a regular basis it improves your mood, your sleep, your self esteem and helps to combat stress significantly.

4. Develop a Good Morning Routine – We all have a morning routine of some sort. Even the lack there of is still a form of morning routine. Put some intention into it and help yourself get a good start to the day. If you start your day by feeling rushed and behind the ball, you are starting your day with stress. Develop a slow morning routine so that you have time to get mentally prepared for the day. The best morning routines actually start the previous evening. Before you go to bed, plan out what you’re going to accomplish tomorrow and decide how much time in the morning you need to get a good start.

5. Learn Relaxation Techniques – Learning some quality techniques for reducing stress will be of huge benefit to you. Often they only take a few minutes and those few minutes will dramatically effect your ability to focus and get the job done right. Your best results will come from a place of peaceful clarity and intention rather than a place of stressed reactivity.