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Are Limiting Beliefs Keeping You from Accomplishing Your Goals?

GoalsWe have all had moments where limiting beliefs kept us from achieving our true potential. If you’re going to make real progress in personal growth, you must resolve to find out where these limiting beliefs are at work in you. Here are a few common ones that can severely impact your personal success, joy and fulfillment in life. Have you experienced any of these?

The Past Holds Power Over the Future

It’s easy to look back at past short comings and apply them to the future, but that is entirely unnecessary. Just because one approach or strategy didn’t end the way you wanted it to, doesn’t mean that you always have to achieve the same disappointing results. It really comes down to a matter of strategy. If one approach didn’t work for you before, then simply do something different. Decide to stop thinking, “I cannot succeed at this” and start thinking, “I can succeed with a different approach.” There is always a way to succeed when you have a “can do” attitude.

Coming Up Short = Failure

When we come up short of our goals, it can feel defeating. It can feel like a failure. However, even when we come up a bit short, we typically still gained some ground in the process. Say that you set out to cut your expenses by 20% but only managed to cut down by 15%. Even though you didn’t hit your 20% marker, you’re still better off because you saved 15% more than you would have if you had not set a goal in the first place. The real failure is in neglecting try.

It’s Silly to Put Your Goals on Paper

A study that was conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews of Dominican University, as well as other studies, showed that an individual’s chances of accomplishing their goals increased by 42% if they wrote them down. This is because we’re engaging more of ourselves into the process than if we were to merely think about it. This can go a long way in helping to develop some dedication and resolve.

Additionally, get specific about your goals. When you dial in exactly what you want to accomplish, you can more easily pinpoint the necessary action to get you there. When your goals are broad, it’s harder to determine what it takes or where to start because there are so many options. Take the extra time to narrow it down and make it specific. In the end you’ll be more laser focused than ever before.