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Servant Leadership: The Best Kind of Leadership

Servant LeadershipHave you ever heard it said that leaders should be servants? Unfortunately, most people want to be the leader so that they can be in a position for others to serve them. You may agree with that motivation for pursing leadership but the reality is that the best leaders are servants. They value, support and help those who are underneath them. If you’re not offering that type of servanthood to those that you lead, you cannot expect for them to offering it up to you.

How Do I Become a Servant

Being a servant leader does not mean that you do everyone’s work for them. In fact, in order to be a great servant leader you have to have a very solid system of delegated responsibility. The point is that you make yourself available to help those around you grow, learn and excel in what they are doing. Identify what you’re able to offer those underneath you and make sure they know that it’s available to them.

A Culture of Servanthood

One of the biggest benefits of servant leadership is it’s ability to change and develop the culture of your team. Assuming that you have the right people in place, they will take note of how you lead and begin to model that same characteristics. Company or team culture is set from the top down. What you do as the leader is what others will do as your followers. Teach your team how to work together and serve each other and the results will be off the charts.