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A Weak Leader: 5 Key Things that You Should Avoid

A Weak Leader: 5 Key Things that You Should AvoidIf you’ve been in the workforce for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced the contrast between good leaders and bad leaders. We all want to be a good leader, but it’s not as easy as simply wanting to be a good leader. You must put in the effort to grow and develop your leadership skills. Here are 5 key characters of a weak leader that you must avoid if you want to be a good leader.

Not Willing to Take Responsibility

Great leaders don’t put the blame on others for bad results. If you’re the leader, you’re responsible for the result no matter what. Until you take ownership of the issue, you cannot change it or make it better. If it’s always someone else fault then it’s never within your power to make a correction. A good leader is empowered to take action because they have taken ownership.

Not Taking Action

Great leaders don’t make procrastination a habit. Of course, we all battle the tension of that sinful desire to put everything off to a more opportune time. But, good leaders are able to look past this desire and simply take action. There will always be an excuse to put something off. At some point, you just simply have to stop preparing and get the ball rolling.

Power Plays

Leaders have a higher level of authority than their subordinates, typically. Great leaders don’t abuse that power. If you have to use your power to get people to do something, then you’re not really a leader. Leadership is not about using your position to get what you want, it’s about stewarding your influence to serve others and accomplish a lot through them. Servanthood is actually a far better method of influence than power.


Publicly criticizing your boss is one of the worst decisions you can make as a leader. Firstly, it causes fragmentation and disunity within the organization. Secondly it causes you to lose influence and respect. If you want respect and loyalty from your subordinates, you have to model it well with your boss. You cannot expect people to do something that you’re unwilling to do yourself.


Complaining is an indicator that you’re a poor leader. Good leaders are resourceful and find a way to get the job done. You’re not going to get very far as a leader if you can’t be a person who will search for solutions even when resources are limited. You will never have the resources that you wish you had, so you have to be able to find a way to get the job done with what is currently in your hand.