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A Real Workplace Need: Recognition

A Real Workplace Need: RecognitionRecent studies have shown that 50% of workers feel as if they need more recognition for their work. If that’s true for the 3,500 workers that were a part of the referenced study, it’s probably safe to say that it’s true for your organization as well. So, how can you work toward meeting this need within your organization? Here are a few tips:

Employee Recognition

Timeliness – When you spot good work, don’t sit on it. Go ahead and verbalize it to the individual and don’t be afraid to do it in front of the team on the spot. The moment it happens is the most relevant time to give praise and it provides opportunity to see exactly why the results were great.

Some may prefer private recognition, and that’s ok. Go ahead and accommodate that request, but otherwise give thanks openly!

Be Specific – Telling someone that they did a great job is good, but if you want to make a significant impact, it should go deeper than that. Tell them exactly what it was that made the difference. Show them how the action they took delivered great results and share how it benefited the big picture of the organization.

Be Sensitive & Observant – It’s important that we are aware of the morale of our co-workers and subordinates. If you see that someone seems a little down, go ahead and find something to praise them about. Point out something that they do really well, even if you can’t think of an immediate instance of incredible results, simply state the strengths that you see in them.

If this becomes the culture of your organization, it will make a huge impact on overall happiness and productivity. When employees are happy and feel valued, they will be much more likely to produce great results.

Remember though, in order for it to become a culture, it has to start with the culture makers (the leaders) of the organization.