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Running: The Benefits are Beyond Physical

Running: The Benefits are Beyond PhysicalWell we’re nearly half way through the year and most of us have completely given up on our New Year’s Resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to start running and get in shape. We typically start strong but somehow we lose our motivation along the way. Why does this happen? The key to staying strong on what you’ve resolved to do is to keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it.

Sure, we know that we want the physical benefits of running, but maybe that isn’t a strong enough “why” to  keep the motivation. Let’s take a look at a few extra benefits of running to help you enlarge the “why” behind the “what.”

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Running

Mental Energy – Running actually provides you with mental energy and clarity. The physical part or running helps to circulate your blood and increases the amount of oxygen in your system. This is huge in terms of giving you an extra boost of rejuvenating energy to get through your day with stamina.

Solitude – We are all have a full schedule. It’s actually kind of hard, especially if you have kids, to just get some time to yourself to be alone with your thoughts. This is very important for being able to process the emotions of the season we’re in and get a clear head. Running provides you with an opportunity to quiet yourself to think, process life and dream about the future.

Personal Development – If you’re into audio books or podcasts, running gives you the perfect opportunity to tune into content that can enrich your mind. Some days you may just need silence but other days you can take the opportunity to learn and grow.