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Avoiding Goal Setting Mistakes

Avoiding Goal Setting MistakesSome say that goal setting causes more problems than it solves. Though there are ways that goal setting can be a disaster, when it’s done the right way it can be a huge benefit to your ability to achieve. Here are a few key things to avoid when setting your goals.

Goal Setting Mistakes to Avoid

Unrealistic Goals – In order to succeed, we must set goals that are attainable. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t dream big, but we must be realistic. For instance, if you’re tone deaf and your goal is to be a Grammy winning vocalist, you’ve set an unreasonable goal. Dream big, but dream big within your skill set and industry.

Risk-lessness – As a piggy back on mistake number one, it’s important that you goals are difficult and even risky. Goals that are too easy don’t inspire the deep motivation that you need to accomplish big things. Of course, the goals can’t be impossible to accomplish, otherwise you will lose all motivation and end up feeling defeated. You don’t want that, but you DO want to give yourself an authentic challenge.

-360 View – It’s important that as you set and work to accomplish your goals that you don’t get tunnel visioned by what you’re aiming for. Everything effects something else and it’s important that what your going after doesn’t negatively effect other elements. You avoid this by initially considering how your goals will effect the day to day success. If it’s going to cause the ball to be dropped in other areas, then it needs to be adjusted.

In short, yes, your goal setting can go wrong and lead to a disaster. However, if you do it the right away and avoid these pitfalls, you can set great goals and accomplish more than you ever imagined.