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Becoming the Ideal Employee

Ideal EmployeeWhen going through the interview process, it’s common for a company to put more weight on a candidate’s personality than on credentials or other information. You can always train a quality person to do something new. It’s much harder to correct bad character or work ethic. If you’re wanting to be the best employee or employee candidate, here are a few tips for becoming what employers are looking for:

Be Knowledgeable – Every employer is looking for the most intelligent employees they can find. Obviously intelligence can’t be faked, but one step you can take toward becoming more intellectually healthy is to increase your knowledge especially in terms of understanding your field. Go the extra mile and learn as much as you possibly can about your job or the potential position. Being knowledgeable is a desired quality and it won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Pursue Leadership Development – Employers are looking for people who can problem solve and display leadership. The best way you can become that guy (or gal) is to be in hot pursuit of personal leadership growth. Read books, listen to podcasts, do whatever it takes to become knowledgeable in the area of leadership and then display that knowledge when the time is right. You won’t be marked down on interview points by displaying a healthy leadership capacity.

Carry a Can-Do Spirit – Sure, it’s good to be able to acknowledge the risks and potential pitfalls but the last thing your employer wants to hear is that the job can’t get done. Carry an attitude the suggests that you’ll figure out a way to get things done regardless of the circumstances. There is always a way to get things done and your employer knows that.

Take Action – Thinking through the details is important, but if that’s the only thing you do, then you’re not being very helpful. Combining thoughtfulness and execution is really where it’s at. Don’t let your propensity to over think hinder your ability to take action and get things done in a timely manner.

Be Detail Oriented – There is nothing more annoying than working with a person who overlooks the details and delivers sloppy work. Be attentive and don’t rush through everything that you do. Just like thinking too much and taking too long is bad, thinking too little and rushing through your work is equally as bad. It may actually be worse because it often results in work that has to be redone. Find the balance between attentiveness and time efficiency. There is a balance and you can find it.

Be Positive – Optimistic employees brighten the atmosphere wherever they go. They see and tackle problems with diligence and a peaceful demeanor. This is what your employer wants to see in you. If all you do is complain or speak with negativity about your work of your previous job, you’re not going to be favored over other employees or candidates. Keep it light and positive and things will most likely go your way. If you can learn to carry a positive attitude, your work will seem less draining and your office relationships will likely be much more rewarding.