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Biometric ID Cards Will be Launched in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Biometric ID CardsIt’s been confirmed by senior Bulgarian officials that their new ID cards will have biometric data storing capabilities and will functionally serve as travel cards for European travel. (planetbiometrics.com)

It was also confirmed by Krasimir Tsipov (Bulgarian Deputy Interior Minister), at a press conference in Sofia, that the cards are scheduled to be launched this year. He said, “The new card will contain biometric data, which will provide an opportunity to pass through electronic gates in EU countries. Citizens will be able to use electronic services provided by the state through it. We expect increased security.” He went on to say that eID facilities are going to be added to the ID cards and a new law regarding electric identification will be passed as well.

When Did the ID Cards Program Begin?

This new ID card program began accelerating in November 2015 when the government made the decision to forge ahead with its development.

This decision was made with plans to embed an RFID chip into the cards. This makes them congruent with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which enables the ID cards to be used as electronic documentation for digital identification services and travel.

New Model of Centralized Personalization of Bulgarian ID Cards

Bulgaria will begin shifting to a new model of centralized personalization of ID cards. This will include activities for delivering ID card forms, equipment, supplies and required licenses for manufacturing and personalizing ID cards in addition to performing activities for the production and personalization of the IDs and transport of the IDs from the personalization center to the 29 different admin service locations.